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A few years ago I remember being at my worst, rock bottom. I was so insecure after this brokenness with my relationship with God and was most fragile. I hadn’t been attending church regularly for the past 8 months due to me living out of state and abroad. ...


Allison Drewery

In our years at Summit we have grown as a family and spiritually more than I ever could have imagined! The revelation of the Gospel (which IS Grace) has turned everything I thought I knew about God (raised and steeped in religion, not relationship) around. I’m forever grateful for the teaching of the Truth at Summit!


Nacoya Russell

Through Pastor Al’s teaching at Summit Church, I’ve learned the power of grace. Before grace, I was always trying to follow this rule and that rule. I was always trying to live up to a standard that in reality was impossible for me to live up to. Then I learned that Jesus Christ lived up to and ...